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Aga Berrins

Berrins Crew: Agathe Pojda, Just the Drop and Berrins

Agathe is currently working for three companies. She started out as a Marketing Executive at Just the Drop which is a wine marketing company based in Berrins and has recently joined the Berrins team as an admin. She is also a certified Xtend Barre instructor and teaches classes just around the corner from Berrins.

Aga loves the diversity of her jobs giving her the opportunity to do everything she really loves, being creative, organising and exercising. Perfect work life balance for her is a healthy amount of time at the office and being able to surf and dance more than just on the weekend.

Berrins is a great place to work at for Aga because of the connectivity of the space. There is always someone who can help out if you are stuck with an idea, need an advice from a designer or just want to have a quick chat.

Aga likes traveling, exercising and anything that has to do with the ocean and baking. She loves cupcakes and her next challenge are cake pops.

We asked her to name her three core values and she listed honesty, passion and commitment.

You can’t get anywhere if you don’t really want it.

Aga gets inspired by people who have made their dreams come true anywhere in the world, small or big.

Coffee of Choice? Soy cap, but more often it will be a Soy Chai Latte.


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