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Berrins Crew: David Messum, Just the Drop

Wine & Hospitality Marketing
David Messum Just the Drop

Berrins Crew: David Messum, Just the Drop


David is founder and director of Just the Drop, a marketing agency that specialises in the wine food, food service and hospitality industries. He has a strong passion for wine and makes some great wines himself (check out Born & Raised Wines). David and his team bring together marketing, technology and wine knowledge to provide integrated wine and hospitality marketing services.

We help clients with the practicalities of running a business; we’re not just about ideas, but also how they can be realised.

He is a qualified (WSEP DIP) wine expert, one of only 25 in Australia with marketing agency experience, and Prince2 project management skills.

Just the Drop’s service menu includes:

  • Integrated Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Strategies for the wine and hospitality industries
  • Digital Asset management and campaign execution – Web, Mobile, Social, Email
    SEO and SEM consultancy
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing partnerships
  • Run wine events, tastings and brand consumer events
  • Web Site Audit
  • Direct to Consumer eCommerce consultancy
  • Website Design and build
  • Marketing Business Analysis and Project management
  • Wine Branding and Package Design

David gets his inspiration from:

Music: Pixies, Stone Roses

Books: And Rand: Fountain Head, Hunter S. Thompson: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, James Elroy: American Tabloid

Film: Good Fellas, Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters

David is interested in wine, winemaking, wine marketing, food, travel and cycling. His coffee preferences depend on the time of the day. In the morning he enjoys a Skimmed Latte, in the afternoon you’ll catch him sipping on a Skimmed Cap, and in the evening he doesn’t say no to an Irish coffee.

For David success is enjoying what you do, and a new bike when you want one.

Find his website here:

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