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Berrins Crew: Larissa Mohle, Symbiosys

Interactive Media, Web Develoment
Larissa Mohle Symbiosys

Berrins Crew: Larissa Mohle, Symbiosys


Larissa founded Symbiosys in 1998, back when the internet was only beginning to impact every part of business, consumer and social interaction. There was no way to know then, how huge an effect it would actually have. She has been been around for that whole transformation and glad to be a part of it.

Symbiosys is a digital design and application development company. We help other companies achieve their online goals with innovative ideas and clever interactive designs. We offer technical knowledge, a network of resources and no job too big or too small.

Services include:

  • Interactive [web] design & development
  • WordPress Development
  • UI Design
  • Mobile customisation

Larissa loves travel, technology, people, and her cute dog! She also likes to hit the gym after a long day of work. Larissa gets her inspiration from John Irving, Eminem, Hunter S Thomson, Banksy, and Oscar Wilde.

Coffee of choice? Soy Cap, please.

Check out Symbiosys here:

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