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Berrins Crew: Simon Wright, Careers in Audit

Simon Wright Careers in Audit

Berrins Crew: Simon Wright, Careers in Audit

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Simon is a very busy man, he runs three businesses! He partly owns and manages the global niche job board, which was founded in 2005. The site is the market leader in the UK, Europe and Middle East for online recruitment within the Audit, Risk and Compliance sectors. He moved to Australia five years ago and has since launched a separate APac version of the site, which is performing well.

He also owns and runs a specialist marketing consultancy called Recruitment Marketing Group, which provides marketing services for recruitment and HR businesses across Australia.

The third business that he runs is called HydroStaff, which is a headhunting firm specialising in the oil and gas pipeline industry recruitment. This is relatively new so watch this space!

Simon chose Berrins because he previously used co-working spaces in London, Perth and the Sydney CBD, and they really suit his work style and lifestyle. Having recently moved from a space in Surry Hills, the location of Berrins is perfect for Simon (living in Curlie) and is close to everything he loves: surf, gym, 4 Pines, Chica Bonitas etc etc. Ideal. He also loves Berrins because it has everything that is needed for flexible working.

Coffee plus local workspace = winner.

When Simon is not travelling across the world for work or running after his 2 year old son, he regularly practices falling off his surfboard around Manly and spends a fair amount of time kickboxing at the Manly Fight Gym.

Simon loves Flat White, as many as possible!

This way to Simon’s website:

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