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3 Simple Steps to Help You Identify What You Need to Outsource Today

Outsourcing To Make Your Small Business Great

As part of this months’ business breakfast series, we discussed the art of outsourcing with Ari Meisel, author, podcaster, and founder of consultancy practice Less Doing based in NYC.

Wes, Founder and Creative Director here at berrins, is working with Ari as part of a business mastermind group, and meets weekly to talk scaling business quickly and easily with the use of digital automation.

Ari is an authority in the productivity, outsourcing and delegating domain and spent 5 mins on a call with Wes to discuss how small business owners just like you can easily identify the areas of your business that you should be outsourcing.

Quite often, entrepreneurs and/or founders think that a scaling a business means adding more and more staff members. Or as Ari describes it, ‘throwing staff at the problem.’ But it couldn’t be any further from the truth. Sure, businesses need key staff members to become successful, but unless the founder can delegate effectively then it’s going to result in a business bottleneck.

The 3 circle exercise

To help you let go of control of tasks in your business, Ari recommends a very simple exercise that helps founders easily identify the things that they can outsource right now.

Excellent, Good and Average.

In the first circle, write down the things that you are excellent at. In the second circle, write down the things that you are good at, and in the third circle things that you can do, but not well. The first circle is what you should do, the second that you should hire staff for and thirdly these are the things that you should outsource immediately.

Still stuck? Stay tuned because next week we’ll be sharing the 6 Simple Steps to Delegation.

More information on Ari can be found via his website www.lessdoing.com. To view and purchase various books written by Ari, please visit his bookstore here.

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