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Manly Entrepreneurs at berrins We Provide a space for entrepreneurs and geeks based in and around the Northern Beaches to connect, learn, share and test new ideas. Share ideas and learns from a pool of talents and experienced entrepreneurs and technologists. Our monthly catchup is designed to help each other, share experiences and tips. Every...
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At Leverage, they like to learn from the best and that’s why this Podcast Blog is based off of tips from Paul Colligan, one of the top Podcasters out there and best-selling author of the popular book How To Podcast. Let’s start with the basics. What IS a podcast? Everyone you ask might give a slightly different...
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The Imaginarium
Despite the awful weather we had two weeks ago, we had some brave and creative people that joined us for a session of Imaginarium. What is the Imaginarium? Here’s a link to the event info. The kids helped us with making props and have imagined themselves as a part of existing or never-before-seen TV show....
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