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Insight on implementing the ASK Method for your marketing efforts

Jamie McKean, an online marketing expert based in New Zealand recently joined our Leverage webinar to share how he has studied and implemented the ASK method for his — and for his clients — business. This post is based on insights we learned from Jamie during the hour-long session.

The ASK Methodology was created by Ryan Levesque, and if you click on the link below, you can receive a free PDF overview if this post inspires you to continue learning the method.

To download visit http://askmethod.com/blog

Before you dive into learning about the 6 Steps, scan your current website.

  • Have you done your research? Meaning, do you know why people visit your website and what they want when they get there?
  • Is your message, or your “ASK” (or what you want them to do) clear to the visitor, right away?
  • If the visitor isn’t ready to “buy” just yet, are there other options for them to learn more? Eg: email optin, free download, etc?
  • Is it simple? Do you speak in your industry lingo, or is your message crisp and clear in the language that your visitor will understand?

Now that you have a general idea of areas where your online business could improve, we can dive into the ASK method funnel.

1. Prepare

Step 1 is all about knowing your audience and understanding what they really want by sending a survey to your current database. If you read the full version of the ASK method, it tells you a specific way of structuring the questions in your survey to get the proper insights, but, the single most important question to ask your audience will look something like this:

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE WITH (insert your service/pitch)?

When you receive the results, something miraculous happens. You get to know first-hand the pain points of your target marketing and it is all written in their language, or how they would refer to the problem.

This helps you map out what comes next…

2. Persuade

After you know what your audience wants, you create website